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Release Notes: September 2019 (Part III)
Release Notes: September 2019 (Part III)

Discuss research with other workspace members, print experiment improvements and more!

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Labstep Discussion

A new message board feature to make communicating with your workspace members straightforward. Pull together and discuss research in a single place to make sure everyone is in the loop and nothing is lost in the cracks. Additionally, if having everyone in the office on the same day is a miracle for your team, having one place to track topics and the status of their research will save you time and frustration.

The print view for experiments now contains all the details. Using your browsers print function, it is also very easy to export the print view page to PDF. 

Other fixes/additions:

  • Step specific results and notes are now created and displayed below the step.

  • Table previews now appear in result/notes thread.

  • File upload improvements.

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Alternatively, click the link to the Labstep’s reddit community page to request a feature.

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