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Release Notes: March 2019 (Part I)
Release Notes: March 2019 (Part I)

12th March 2019

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Resource label in the protocol

Resources are now represented in a protocol by a resource label which you define. This means that you can keep your resource acronyms and nick names, whilst having all the metadata available.

Ask an expert

Need an opinion on a protocol or an experiment? We can connect you to our community of experts with the click of a button. Simply, select the 'Ask an expert' button and submit a question with a share link. We will then notify you when you get a response.

Resources are editable in the protocol editor

You can now edit the resource label, resource, amount and units in the protocol editor.

You can add their publications to their profile

Boost your Labstep profile by adding your publications to your profile. Search by DOI and we will do the rest!

You can now add the same protocol multiple times to an experiment

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