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Using Order Request Templates
Using Order Request Templates

How to use the order request templates to easily order what you need.

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Creating an Order Request Template

  1. Navigate to your Workspace Settings

  2. Click the "Ordering" tab

  3. Click "Create Request Template"

  4. Add metadata fields

Resource metadata vs. Request metadata

When creating an order request, you'll be asked about two types of metadata: resources and those related to the request. Knowing the difference between the two is important to avoid missing data. In both instances, you can make a metadata field "required" to ensure key information is shared.

Resource Metadata

In Step 1, you'll be asked about the resource metadata. This would be information related to the resource only. The resource metadata would be the same each time for this particular resource—for example, Vendor, Catalog number.

Request Metadata

In step 2, you'll be asked about the "Request Details", meaning the order request details. This means any details that would be relevant when requesting a resource, irrespective of what it is. Unlike Resource metadata, these would apply to all requests and bring only information related to the request/order—for example, Reference Number, Invoice. The fields will appear here if you've set up a template in the Workspace Settings. You can always click "Add Metadata Field" to add further information if a request needs more specific data.

Request Template vs. Order Template:

In the Ordering tab, you can set up two types of templates, one for order requests and one for orders. For both, you can make fields required.

Request Template

The request template is for all information that will be needed later on to place your order. It can be catalogue numbers or a direct link to a supplier. These metadata will not carry over to the order; you'll need to set up an order template.

Order Template

The order template is for all information needed from "Ordered" to "Received". This can be PO numbers, tracking numbers and expected delivery dates. You can also set a default currency.

Creating an Order Request using Template:

  1. Make sure you have everything set up in the Ordering tab of the Workspace Settings

  2. Click on "New Order Request" (or "Request Items" from the Inventory)

  3. Select a Resource – Step 1

  4. Fill in the appropriate metadata fields (Request Details) – Step 2

  5. Click "Finish"

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