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Setting Alerts for Date Fields
Setting Alerts for Date Fields

Step-by-step guide on how to add alerts and reminders, and control notifications. Add calibration dates and due dates.

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Here at Labstep, we want to provide you with a real-time updated centralised system where you can easily manage your work. Never miss an important date by setting up alerts and reminders!

Adding alerts to Date Fields:

  1. Add a Date Field

  2. Hover over the field

  3. Click on the bell

  4. Select how many days/minutes before the date in the field you want the alert to fire

  5. Add a custom message which will appear in the notification/email to guide users on what they need to do

  6. Click on the notification/link in the email to go to the item/experiment

Labstep team tip: If you set up an alert on a Category or Protocol field then it will be automatically set when the user enters the date on the specific resource/item/experiment.

NOTE: Once you set an alert on a template field it will only apply to new items created from the template. Existing items will not automatically have an alert.

Controlling Notifications for Alerts:

You can choose which notifications alerts and reminders to receive and how.

  1. Navigate to the Notification Centre

  2. Select whether to receive alerts via web/email and if for all entities in the workspace or just those you are a collaborator on.


  • Alerts on Expiry Dates of Inventory Items

  • Alerts for Servicing or Calibration Dates on Equipment/Devices

  • Alerts for Due dates on Order Requests

  • Alerts for important dates in Experiments and Protocols

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