Growth and Scalability [23min]

Our webinar nº6 covers features and best practices to help you successfully scale up your organisation.

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Join Amira, one of our Customer Success Managers, and me for a best practice session on growth and scalability. Additionally, you'll learn the benefits of features like dashboards to ensure workflow efficiency.

In just under 30min, you'll learn how to use Labstep to achieve exponential growth efficiently.

In this webinar:

  • Host → Anoä Calpas, Community Operations Manager

  • Guest speaker → Amira Fitzpatrick, Customer Success Manager

  • Moderator → Ethan Espina, Customer Success Manager

Topics covered:

  • Workspaces vs Collections

  • Labstep for Growth

  • Support systems available

  • Top Tips for scalability

At the end of this webinar, you'll know the difference between workspaces and collections, when to use one and not the other, and how you can ensure the correct people have access to the right content. But also how to add and remove users in your organisation and successfully scale up your organisation using features like dashboards and completion checklists!

Please note some of the features mentioned are premium features. To have them activated or for more information, contact us at or use our in-app chat service. You can also reach out directly to your dedicated account manager.

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