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Release Notes: May 2020 (Part I)
Release Notes: May 2020 (Part I)

PDF Preview, Improvements to Protocol Version Control and Index Page Redesign

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PDF Previewer

You can now view PDFs uploaded to Labstep in-app without having to download them first.

Improvements to Protocol Version Control

You can now create a new version of a protocol whenever you want to allow more fine grained tracking of method development.

Index Page Redesign

The index pages for finding content have been redesigned to prioritise the information you care about. More space has been given to the Experiment and protocol names for a cleaner feel.

Shortcuts have been added to allow you to jump straight to the relevant section of your experiment. 

Default Names for Orders and Resource Items

When creating new resource items from a search select, you now longer have to specify a name. If you simply hit enter the item will be created with a default name. The same mechanism also applies to creating new Orders.

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