The items you use to conduct your research often belong to different categories. For example BL3.1 is a Cell Line, while HCl is a Chemical.

Keep track of these different items and the metadata related to each category by using Labstep Inventory Categories. You can create Categories such as Cell Line and Chemical, with custom metadata fields for all of the details you want to track. You may also want to set default values for category metadata fields to help you fill these in later.

When creating Resources, select what category it belongs to be provided with the category metadata fields. You can then select which of these fields you want to add to the resource.

How do I create a resource categories?

Resource categories can be created from the categories page by selecting "New Category". 

If you have imported resources into Labstep via CSV or an Excel file, we also ask you to create a resource category. This will allow you to add these metadata fields to resources you create later. You can also use resource categories to import more resources of the same type.


When you specify the category for a resource, the category metadata will be shown in the resource. Resources of the same category will often have the same metadata fields, so instead of having to create the metadata fields every time you create a resource, you can just specify the category and we populate the resource metadata for you!

To create a metadata data field select "Add metadata field". You can add custom fields of different data types, such as dates and files. Metadata can be reordered by dragging fields up and down the metadata list so that you can prioritise the most important information.

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