Reagents can differ batch to batch which can have a big affect on your results. However, tracking multiple items of the same resource in the lab can be challenging. We aim to make it easy with Labstep resource Items. Items have their own location, QR code, amount and availability. Use Labstep Resource items to specify the batch, aliquot or lot of a resource in a Labstep experiment to get an accurate record and to help with experiment troubleshooting. 

What does a resource item look like in Labstep?

Resource items are used to describe batches/lots/aliquots of a resource that you have in your inventory, and therefore, are always associated with a resource.

The resource item has the following features:

  • Availability status. A resources availability is based on the number of available resource items that are associated with it.

  • Amount in stock.

  • Location. Locations are created and managed at a workspace level so they can be used by all workspace members.

  • QR code. Print the QR code and add it to your items. You can then scan these QR codes to be quickly taken to the item page to update the details.

  • Metadata tab. Both resources and resource items have a "Metadata" tab which can be used to store important information. 

  • Comments tab. To add notes or to discuss the particular item with collaborators or colleagues.

  • Activity tab. View the full activity of the resource i.e. what experiments or protocols it was used in.

How do I create a resource items?

Resource items can be created from either within a resource or order request. To create an item from within a resource, make sure you have the "Items tab selected" and then click "New item". You can fill out the "Location" and "Amount in stock" info from within this resource tab.

You can also create items from an order request. The items will be added to the requested resource. To do so, navigate to the "Items" tab in the order request. Then select "Add items to inventory".

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