Members of a workspace can be assigned three different permission levels: Owner, edit or view only permission.

As an owner of a workspace

  • You have control over all individual content items (e.g. experiments, protocols, resources and order requests) created in the workspace.¬†
  • You can share content to another workspace.
  • You can edit and sign content e.g. protocols, experiments and inventory items.
  • You can promote other workspace members as an co-owner.
  • You can remove workspace ownership from other co-owners from a workspace. Please note, a workspace can multiple co-owners at the same time.

As a member with 'edit' permissions:

  • You can edit and sign all content in the workspace.
  • You do not own the content that you are creating.
  • You can not move content out of the workspace.

Please note, if you only have edit permission and need to share content to other workspaces. You must ask the owner of the workspace to either promote you as a co-owner of the workspace or transfer ownership of the content to you on a per content item basis.

As a member with 'view only' permissions:

  • You can view all content in the workspace.
  • You can add comments to the comments section of experiments, protocols or inventory items.
  • You can not edit or sign experiments
  • You can not move content out of the workspace.
  • You can comment in the comment section of experiments, protocols and inventory items.

How to promote a workspace member to owner 

How to transfer ownership of individual content items

How to create a 'view-only' workspace

You may want to create a workspace where all members can view the content but they cannot create or edit content.
Please note, to add new content to this workspace it must be created in another workspace and then shared to the the view-only workspace.

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