Members of a workspace can be assigned three different permission levels: Owner, edit or view only permission.

As an Owner:

  • You have control over all content created in the workspace. 
  • you can move content to another workspace.
  • you can edit and sign content e.g. protocols, experiments and inventory items.
  • You can promote other workspace members as an owner.
  • You can remove workspace ownership from other co-owners from a workspace. Please note, a workspace can multiple co-owners at the same time.

As a member with 'edit' permissions:

  • You can edit and sign all content in the workspace e.g. experiments, protocols and inventory items.
  • You can not move content out of the workspace.

As a member with 'view only' permissions:

  • You can view all content in the workspace.
  • You can add comments to the comments section of experiments, protocols or inventory items.
  • You can not edit or sign experiments
  • You can not move content out of the workspace.
  • You can comment in the comment section of experiments, protocols and inventory items.

How to promote a workspace member to owner 

How to change workspace member permissions from 'edit' to 'view only' 

By default all workspace members will have edit permission for all content in a workspace immediately upon accepting their invite for the workspace. It is not currently possible to set a workspace member's global permission level to 'view only'. However this functionality will be coming to Labstep soon.
Please note, if you need to share something with an individual and you absolutely require that it is 'view only' you can share the item using the share link and set the permission level to 'view only' before sending it. To find out click here [insert link].

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