You may be running a protocol a second time and you want to change just the amount or type resource (e.g. a reagent, solution or chemical) , but you don't want to change the entire protocol. You can do this via using matched/interactive resources in the step-by-step view. 

Editing the amount of an existing resource 

To edit the amount of resource in the step-by-step experiment view:

  1. Select the step containing the resource from the step overview. Please note, you can jump straight to the resource by selecting the resource tab. 

    2. Select the matched resource (highlighted in yellow).

   3. Select 'edit amount'. 

4. Enter the amount and Units into the respective fields. Please note, if you require a special character or symbol (e.g. μl) please select the '+ Add special character option and choose from the grid list.

Swapping a resource for a new one

Please note!
As a prerequisite, you must have matched all the resources (i.e. made them interactive resources) you may want to swap in the protocol. To find out how to match resources click this link:

  1. Select the step from the step preview. 

    2. Select the matched resource (highlighted in yellow).

    3. Select 'Swap resource' from the slide out menu.

 a) Select where you want to add the new resource from. You can choose from 'Your resources' or 'Marketplace'.

b) Search for the resource you want to add from the search bar.

c) Add the amount and units of the resource/inventory item that you wish to use by entering into the respective fields.

To view a resource 

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 of 'swapping a resource'.
  2. Select 'View resource'.
  3. This will take you to navigate you to the full resource details.

Please note, if you want to return to where you were. Please click the back button on your web browser.

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