You can add all the protocols that you intend to follow in your experiment to the 'experiment workflow section'. If you don't know how to do this, click the link to the help article below and scroll down to 'Experiment workflow'.

By clicking on a protocol in the workflow you can follow your protocol in the step-by-step view and tick off steps as you go. As well as use interactive timers and quickly swap resources.

How to launch the step-by-step view 

  1. Create an experiment or select an existing one.
  2. Select the 'Workflow ( )' tab
  3. Select the plus icon level with 'Add protocols(s)'.

4. Select one of your protocols to add.
5.Click on the protocol you have just added to launch the step-by-step view.

Please note, you will not be able to tick off steps unless you have added your steps as interactive steps. To find out how click the link to this article.

Ticking off steps

After launching the step- by-step view you will be present with overview. This allows you to skip straight to a particular step, resource or timer.

To view the full step:

  1. Click on the step preview.
  2. Select the grey tick to mark the step as complete.

What if I deviated from a step?

You can add a comment/note to each step by selecting the comments icon.

  1. Select comments icon on step.

2. Type your comment into the bar and click send OR select the blue/white plus icon to make an attachment.

Please note, your comment will appear in the 'Results/notes' tab of the experiment. With the title of the protocol and step number appended automatically

Using interactive timers

Interactive timers will be highlighted in yellow and have an adjacent clock symbol.

  1. Select the highlighted time

    2. Select play icon to start the timer 

Please note, once the timer runs down you will be alerted by an alarm. However, the alarm will ONLY sound if the step-by-step view is open. The alarm will NOT sound if your computer or device locks.

Editing and swapping resources 

Link to help article:

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