How to open a resource to begin editing

  1. Either create a new resource by selecting the '+ New' button or select an existing resource by navigating to 'Resources' under 'My Labstep' or a project.

 Please note, if you create a project when in 'My Labstep' that is where it will be stored. Conversely, if you create a resource when in a specific project the resource will be stored in that specific project only.

Resource editor layout

The resource has an unchanging top menu where you can edit the title, add tags and add to projects. Underneath there are several tabs that you must click on to access additional data and meta data fields.

Main resource menu

  1. To edit resource photo. Select the camera icon in the corner of the photo and choose an image from your device's file manager.
  2. To add a tag, select the plus icon level with 'Add tag(s)'. If you select the cog wheel icon next to the plus icon you can manage all the tags you have created.
  3. To add to a project select the plus icon level with 'Add to project(s)'.  Selecting the cog wheel allow you set the view/edit permission level that members of the project where the resource is shared to will have. Please note you can change the default permission level with the permission icon (top right). You can also change the permission level for each project it is shared with individually.

Item tab

This tab includes standard but important data fields for the resource. For example, the resource's Vendor, catalog number, unit size and link to a vendors website. To edit each field.

  1. click on the field title eg. 'Vendor'.
  2. Type into the bar or select from a dropdown.
  3. Then click 'Submit'

Amount in stock tab

This tab allows you to record the amount of the resource you have in your inventory. There are two fields:

  1. 'Add Amount' - This is the amount of the resource it can be a number of text,
  2. 'Add Units' - This is the units of your amount e.g. litres or L

Editing location tab

The location tab allows you to store information about the exact location of your resource in the lab. There are two fields:

  1. 'Add Location' - This is the main location where it stored e.g. Marie Curie's small fridge
  2. 'Add Location details' - This is the sub location where it is store e.g. Draw 3 Box A Row A.

Spec tab

This is an important tab because it allows you to choose the category of your resource. This unlocks additional category specifics fields for your resource. 

  1. Select the category of your resource from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on each of the category specific fields that appear to fill them in.


This tab allows you and collaborators to comment on the resource as well as attach a huge variety of different files. Many of which can be previewed in an interactive manner. Want to find out more? Click the link to this help article:


All changes made to the resource by editor(s) are tracked and can be found here.

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