Below each of the options you can select from the comments feature after clicking the blue/white plus icon (shown below)

(1) Molecule - This allows you to attach a molecule you have created with the Labstep molecular editor or from ChemDraw. Click the link to find out more about the molecular editor.

(2) Resource - Attach a link to a resource in your inventory on Labstep.

(3) Long text - Add a long text comment or note. You can add formatting to this comment e.g. bold, italics, superscript, special symbols ect.

(4) Files - You can attach almost any file here as long as it's less than 100mb in size. All files you have uploaded can be downloaded again onto any device (see download icon below).

You can also preview Microsoft office Excel, Word and Powerpoint files. To preview one of these files. Just click the preview icon shown below

Please note the icons in-app are much smaller!

(5) Images - By selecting this option you can attach files from your computer or mobile device. If you click on the preview of the image you can enlarge it. This is useful for uploading images that may form part of your experiment's result e.g. gel images.

(6) File from watched folder - Here you can access files that were uploaded to Labstep via our Folder watcher app. To find out how to install and use the app please click this link

(7) Tables - You can attach spreadsheet like tables. These allow you store data in a table format and to use formulas to complete calculations. To find out more click this link

(8) DNA sequence - Due to our integration with SnapGene. You can upload DNA files (.dna, .gb, .gbk, and .fa) from SnapGene and then view a render of the DNA. For example, if you upload a plasmid .dna file. You can view an interactive plasmid map. To find out more click the link

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