You may want to share an item e.g. an experiment with a colleague or visitor but you don't want to invite them to a workspace because it may contain other content that you don't want them to access.

You can do this by making use of Labstep's individual sharing feature. It allows you to share individual experiments, protocols or inventory items with others, no hassle. The process for each of these content types is exactly the same.

Whenever you have selected an experiment, protocol or resource watch out for the share icon shown below.

How to share an item

1. Click the the share icon.

2. A window will pop up. To set the view permissions (before you share the item) select the permission icon located top right. You can set the view permission so that individuals you share the item can only view the item or you can set it so that can edit the item. Please note, the default is that they have full edit permission.

3. Next to share the item either:

a) Simply enter the recipients email address and they will be emailed a share link to the content.
b) Directly copy and paste the share link and send it to them via slack, whats-app ect.

3. Next the recipient must click the link. Once they do they will be prompted to sign-in. Once signed in they will be able access the content. Please note you can send the share link to individual(s) not already on the platform. On clicking the link they will be prompted to create an account.

To change view permissions and/or revoke access:

  1. Click on the avatars. The avatars displayed represent the users who have access to the content item.
  2. A window will appear with a table showing who has access and their level of permission i.e. view or edit. Please note, by default users will only have full edit permission.

3.  Select the permission icon next to the names of invitees. 

4. From the dropdown choose between 'Can view only' and 'Can view and edit'.
5. If 'Can view only' is selected the permission icon will display an eye symbol. If 'Can view and edit' is selected a pencil icon is displayed instead.
6. You can also revoke permission for individual(s) by selecting the cross icon (shown above).

Please note! If you are regularly sharing content with one or more individuals it is recommended that you set up a workspace

Can't find what you are looking for?

When you are logged on click the question mark icon and connect to one of our customer support officers and they will be able to help you.

Alternatively, click the button below to see Labstep's public product road map. The feature you need could already be coming very soon!

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