You can match resources in your inventory on Labstep to your protocol. This is helpful as it allows you to see useful information about the resource such it as it's exact location within the lab and the volume required when you are following an experiment in the step-by-step view in the lab. 

Matching an individual resource in your protocol

  1. In the protocol editor add a resource to a step by selecting the resource button. 

2. You can either select a resource which you've added earlier by searching in the 'resource name' field or, create a new resource by selecting 'Create new resource'.

3. You can optionally give your resource a 'label'. This is the name the resource will appear in the protocol - this is can be useful if your resource has a particularly long name and you want it to appear in the protocol as an acronym or abbreviation.

4. You can then add the amount and units of the resource.

Please note that if you can't find the resource already in your Labstep inventory you can create a new resource that will be added to your inventory. if you want to add metadata to this resource. Go to 'resources' under 'My Labstep' or the project where it was created and search for the resource.

Simultaneously adding multiple resources to inventory and linking them to your protocol

You can also simultaneously add multiple resources to your Labstep inventory and link them to your resources by selecting the 'add multiple resources' icon (Shown below) and then entering your resource information into the table.

  1. Select the multiple resource icon.

2. Next a table will pop up. On each row fill in the name, value and units for each resource - If you want add additional information to these resources you must go to 'Resources' under 'My Labstep' or a 'Project' (depending where it is stored) and search by name for each individual resource you have added.

Please note
if you add to your inventory this way, Labstep doesn't check if you already have any of these resources in your inventory. So be careful not to make duplicates of the same resource within your inventory.

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