Labstep file area

All files that you upload to Labstep and attach to an experiment, protocol or resource can be found in the 'Files' area under 'My Labstep'. You can upload an unlimited number of files to Labstep.

Please note only files smaller than 100Mb can be uploaded - If you need to store larger files it is recommend that you store them on a cloud storage platform such as Dropbox (others are available) and simply save a share link to the file on Labstep.

To attach files to an Experiment or Resource

  1. Create an Experiment or Resource.
  2. Navigate to 'Results/notes' for experiments or 'Comments" for a resource.
  3. Click on the blue plus icon and select 'File'.

     4. Select your file from your device's file manager.

To attach files to a protocol

  1. Create a protocol or edit an existing one.
  2. Click the paper clip icon from the horizontal menu.

3.  Select the files you wish to upload and attach from your device's file manager.

The Labstep folder watcher - works a bit like Dropbox or G drive!

By installing the Labstep folder watcher you can set folders on your Windows or Mac os to be 'watched' - What does this mean?

It means that whenever you save a file to a watched folder it is automatically uploaded to your Labstep account.You can then easily attach these files to an experiment step or result by selecting the 'File from watched folder' option.

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