Projects are spaces where you can organise your work. You can easily invite your colleagues to a project so that you can share experiments, protocols and resources and collaborate on them.

How to create a project

Click the ‘New project button’ on the left-hand navigation menu at any time to create a new project.

How to add content to a project

By default no content you create is automatically shared with a project. To share an experiment, protocol or resource with a project select the item and then click the 'add to project' button and select the project you want to share to from the dropdown list.

Optionally you can enable automatic sharing of all your experiments and/or protocols and/or resources to a particular project. See 'Project settings' article below.

How to invite others to your project

  1. Select your project from the left hand menu column.
  2. Select ‘Members’ from the top menu.
  3. Select ‘Invite Member’.
  4. You can then either invite individuals by entering their email address or you can generate a share link which you can send to them via any form of electronic messaging (Email, Slack, WhatApp ect.).
  5. Once the recipients click on the link they will be prompted to sign in (or sign up if they don’t already have an account). Once signed in they will automatically become a member of the project.

Please note you cannot invite members to a project if you are not the owner of the project.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

When you are logged on click the question mark icon below your avatar and connect to one of our customer support officers and they will be able to help you.

Alternatively, click the link to the Labstep’s reddit community page and see if the community has already answered your question or ask a new one.

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