Keeping track of what resources you've used and where you got them from can be tedious. On Labstep, you can have all your resource information in one place!

Adding Resources to your inventory:

Adding a resource from marketplace

  1. Navigate to "Marketplace"
  2. Search for the resource you're looking for in the search bar.
  3. Once you find the resource you are looking for, click the "add to my resources" button

Manually adding individual resources

  1. Navigate to the resources page by selecting the "My labstep" on the left hand menu and then "Resources" on the horizontal menu.
  2. Click the "+new" button and select "Resource".
  3. Select the "specs" tab to add the category of your resource - This unlocks extra category specific metadata fields.

4. Enter the name of the resource.

5. Fill out the other fields.

Bulk Importing your exiting resources to Labstep via a spreadsheet

If you have a spreadsheet containing your current laboratory inventory you can save this spreadsheet as CSV file and Labstep can automatically upload your resources for you.

  1. Navigate to 'My Labstep' or a project and select resources.
  2. Select the 'Import' button.
  3. Choose the category of your resource,
  4. Next download the template for the resource category.
  5. Copy and paste your resource data into the correct fields of the template.Please note, that custom fields are currently not supported. So if you have data in a field that does not match it cannot be uploaded. Don't worry though you will be able to upload custom fields very soon!
  6. Save the template spreadsheet as a .csv file.
  7. Click 'choose file' and then select your .csv (you recently created) from your devices downlaod manager.

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